Do stress and pain prevent you from living your life to the fullest? Would you prefer to support your health with gentle, comforting touch, rather than stifling it with pain medication?

Discover how you can feel better and enjoy your life more by treating pain and stress holistically. Bodywork and massage therapy allow you to step away from constant stress and pain, promoting relaxation and healing. During these reflective moments, you may also process old injuries and trauma, potentially releasing physical and emotional restrictions and finding new freedom in your own body and mind. The result: less pain and enhanced enjoyment of your daily activities.

Danielle Price is a licensed massage therapist and yoga instructor. She believes that physical pain is related to mental suffering, and that the physical effects of bodywork promote mental and emotional resilience. 

Danielle’s massages help me to undo stress that happens to my body at work. I make sure I see her regularly to take care of myself. Not only do I feel better after her massages, but I have not re injured myself since receiving her massages on a routine basis. I highly recommend Danielle’s body work for self care and prevention to anyone who works hard and/or plays hard. It is worth the investment.
— Susan L, 3/2/13